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October 2011
Maternity Care Moving from Vision to Action through the TMC Partnership!

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Innovation Advisors Program seeks applicants | Louisiana Birth Outcomes Project holds improvement summit | Home Birth Summit finds common ground | Health Care Almanac features maternity care | Find resources for Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month | Nurses tackle tachysystole

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"The prosperity of a nation is tied fundamentally to the health and well-being of its citizens. It follows, then, that citizens - each one a past, current, or future patient - should represent both the healthcare system's unwavering focus, and its fully engaged agents for change."

This passage begins the new report from the Institute of Medicine's Learning Health System Series, Patients Charting the Course: Citizen Engagement in the Learning Health System. This report builds on themes addressed in the Institute of Medicine's landmark report, Crossing the Quality Chasm, which also formed the foundation for the Transforming Maternity Care 2020 Vision. In a new post at the TMC Blog, Amy Romano collects current resources for women, health professionals, and maternity care facilities to help engage women in quality improvement and become agents for change.

In this edition of TMC eNews, we also feature opportunities and programs for all stakeholders to be agents for change. Below you'll find examples of and opportunities for change driven by consumers, clinicians, policy makers, employers, insurers, quality experts, and more.

There's much work to be done to transform maternity care and none of us can do it alone. What kind of change agent will you be? If you're not sure, check out our Action Center to spark some ideas.

Take Action: Help Transform Maternity Care

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation accepting applications for a new Innovation Advisors Program
The CMS Innovation Center seeks to deepen the capacity for transformation by creating a network of experts in improving the delivery system for Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries. The Innovation Advisors Program will support individuals who can test and refine new models to drive delivery system reform.

The Innovation Advisors Program will select and develop as many as 200 individuals from across the nation in its first year. The deadline to submit applications is November 15, 2011. Learn more and download the program application.

Good News from the Field: Partners Putting the Blueprint into Action

Louisiana Birth Outcomes Project holds Perinatal Care Improvement Summit
The Louisiana Birth Outcomes Project, featured earlier this year in a TMC Topics Webinar, held its first Perinatal Improvement Summit in New Orleans on October 18. This event brought together hospital leaders and maternity care providers to empower them to address quality improvement across the state. The agenda included an overview of the Transforming Maternity Care 2020 Vision and Blueprint for Action by Childbirth Connection's Maureen Corry. Find out more about the Summit from the blog of the Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary, Bruce Greenstein.

Home Birth Consensus Summit finds Common Ground
A national summit of stakeholders and leaders met October 20-22, 2011 in Airlie, VA to discuss the status of homebirth within the greater context of U.S. maternity care. The dialogue was respectful, complex, and revealed multiple issues for future discussion and action. Common ground was discovered across several areas of concern about maternity care in the United States. Statements reflecting shared commitments by delegates will be posted by November 1, 2011. To learn more about Childbirth Connection's involvement, read our post at the TMC Blog.

Consider This: Resources to Expand Your Vision for Improvement

California Healthcare Foundation Health Care Almanac highlights quality issues in maternity care
The regularly updated Health Care Almanac, published by the California Healthcare Foundation, includes new facts and figures for various clinical areas including maternity care. The new report (PDF) presents U.S. and California data for birth-related trauma, cesarean delivery, vaginal birth, maternal mortality, chronic conditions in pregnancy, preterm birth, infant mortality, and other areas. The report also provides hospital-specific data, and looks at differences across age groups and racial and ethnic groups for some outcomes. Go to the Health Care Almanac.

Find resources for Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month
In honor of Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month, we have collected some resources to help make maternity care more woman- and family-centered and engage maternity consumers in system transformation. Find these resources - for women, providers, and hospitals - in the TMC Blog Post, Making women and families our maternity care system's "unwavering focus and fully-engaged agents for change."

Cause for Optimism: Maternity Care Moving in the Right Direction

Hospital quality improvement project "tackles tachysystole"
Inappropriate use of oxytocin is an important patient safety issue. As part of a larger program to achieve zero preventable birth injuries, Akron City Hospital implemented a quality improvement project to avoid tachysystole or appropriately intervene when tachysystole occurred. Tachysystole is defined as more than 5 contractions in 10 minutes, averaged over a 30-minute window, and is often associated with induced or augmented labor. The project was successful in implementing an evidence-based oxytocin administration algorithm based on physiologic and safety principles and improving the management of tachysystole before it resulted in fetal complications. Read more about this project in the TMC Directory.

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