Our current maternity care system is in crisis. Deficiencies include harmful and wasteful overuse of many practices, underuse of beneficial practices and unwarranted variations in practice throughout the country. But with your gift, real transformation is possible. Every dollar you donate will fuel our policy work and contribute to positive change.
Thank you very much to this list of generous supporters!

Levels of Giving

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Lee and Anthony Partridge
Lindy Family Charity Fund
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Sidney and Florence Banwart Family Charitable Fund

Scott Taylor
  in honor of Dr. Alvin Donnenfeld


Harley Winer
Elan McAllister

Gwendolyn Atwood
Joe and Janie Dick
Nina Fenster
Cynthia Flynn
Judy Goldberger
Short Hills Associates in Clinical Psychology
Penny Simkin
Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University
In memory of Dr. Alvin Donnenfeld
  Ann Aurelius
  Marjorie and Paul Aurelius
  Imogene B. Christian
  Ann Linden
  Francine Jacobs Meyerson
  Winthrop Munyan
  Barbara Sellars, CNM
  Susan Diane Yarnell  

Rachael Anne Kulick
Alda G. Mills-Marques
Debra Pascali-Bonaro
Cynthia Pinder
  in memory of Della Taylor Ashford
Harriet and Robert Selverstone
Donna D. Snyder
Leah Thompson
Kerry Tuschhoff
Jay and Margaret-Ann Wedemeyer
K Zolvik
In memory of Dr. Alvin Donnenfeld
  Elizabeth Christian & David Duncan
  Peggy & Robert Friedman
  Elaine Kessel
  Nancy Kraus
  Bill and Roberta Ludwig
  Susan Riemer Sacks, Ph.D.
  Vicky Shick
  June & Jerry Schiller
  Cheryl Sternlieb

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