Milestones by the End of the 7th Month


  • Rolls both ways (back to front, front to back)
  • Sits with, then without, support of hands
  • Reaches with one hand
  • Transfers objects from hand to hand

Sight, Sound, and Speech

  • Develops full color vision and better distance vision
  • Improves at tracking moving objects
  • Responds to her name
  • Starts responding to "no"
  • Distinguishes emotions by tone of voice
  • Uses her voice to express emotion
  • Responds to sounds by making sounds


  • Enjoys social play
  • Responds to other people's expression of emotion
  • Interested in mirror images


  • Finds a partially hidden object  
  • Explores with hands and mouth
  • Struggles to get objects that are out of reach

Watch List

Remember that each baby develops at her own pace, and you can't predict when your baby will master a particular skill. Call your baby's health care provider if you notice any of the following signs of developmental delay between 5 and 8 months:

  • Seems very stiff, with tight muscles
  • Appears floppy, like a rag doll
  • Her head still flops back when you pull her to a sitting position
  • She only reaches with one hand
  • She refuses to cuddle
  • Shows no affection for the person who cares for her
  • Doesn't enjoy being around people
  • One or both eyes always turn in or out
  • Eyes tear persistently or are sensitive to light
  • No response to sounds around her
  • Trouble getting objects to her mouth
  • Doesn't turn head to locate sounds by 4 months
  • Doesn't roll over (either direction) by 5 months
  • Appears to be inconsolable at night after 5 months
  • Doesn't smile spontaneously by 5 months
  • Can't sit without help by 6 months
  • Doesn't laugh or squeal by 6 months
  • Doesn't actively reach for objects by 6 to 7 months
  • Can't follow objects with both eyes at close (12 inches) and far (6 feet) ranges by 7 months
  • Doesn't bear some weight on leg by 7 months
  • Isn't trying to get your attention through her actions by 7 months
  • Isn't babbling by 8 months
  • Shows no interest in peekaboo games by 8 months

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