When to Call Your Health Care Provider After Birth

If you notice any of the following symptoms during your postpartum recovery, be sure to call your health care provider right away.

  • Your lochia has a foul odor.
  • Your vaginal discharge is bright red after the fourth day following birth.
  • You have no lochia during the first two weeks following birth.
  • You have very heavy bleeding that requires more than one sanitary pad an hour and does not lessen in flow.
  • You notice large clumps or clots of blood in your lochia (small clots are normal).

  • There is swelling around your cesarean incision.

Pain, Redness

  • You have sharp chest pains.
  • You have continued pain in your belly after the first two or three days following birth.
  • You notice pain or redness around your cesarean incision.
  • You notice pain and tenderness in your legs and when you tense or flex your foot.
  • There is pain, redness, and tenderness in your breast(s).

  • You have a temperature greater than 101ºF for more than one day.

  • You have a hard lump in either of your breasts.
  • You have pain or burning when you urinate or you have the urge to urinate often.
  • You feel more and more depressed every day.

Note: Depression is discussed in Baby Blues.

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