Resources for Exercise and Fitness During Pregnancy

Childbirth Connection's Exercise and Fitness Resource

Planning Pregnancy: Exercise and Fitness
Planning Pregnancy: Healthy Lifestyle Habits
In our section called The Stages of Pregnancy, we have outlined the planning of your pregnancy, each stage of pregnancy, giving birth, and the early period after birth. This link is devoted to exercise and fitness while planning for your pregnancy.

Resource for General Fitness to Prepare for Your Pregnancy

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Physical Activity for Everyone: tips for being more active, and tips for people who have not been active in a while

Resources for Exercise and Pregnancy

American Academy of Family Physicians Recommendations: overview for professionals on exercise during pregnancy, also includes a companion handout for women

March of Dimes: Exercise During Pregnancy

Nemours Foundation: Kids Health for Parents: exercise during pregnancy

Organization for Teratology Information Services: Exercise In Pregnancy (PDF download): provides information on whether or not exercise represents an increased fetal risk

The American Council on Exercise: Fit Facts (PDF): a sheet on exercising during pregnancy

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