Alice Stone Ilchman

Increasing opportunities for women and children were life-long passions for Alice Ilchman.  The fruits of her commitment can be seen in three distinct areas: through influencing family-sensitive public policy, through institutional leadership, and through forging philanthropic partnerships which benefit families all over the world.

As Dean of Wellesley College, she was a founder of the Center for Research on Women, which, over the years, has made material contributions to understanding the needs of working parents.

As a member of the United Nations Association's Economic Policy Council, she co-chaired, with John J. Sweeney of the AFL-CIO, the Family Policy Panel.  The panel's several dozen scholars, CEOs, and labor leaders published reports such as "Work and Family in the United States: A Policy Initiative."  These reports emphasized the close connection between family policy and the economic and social health of our nation, contributing to new legislation, such as Clinton's Family and Medical Leave Act.  Much more must be done to bring the U.S. closer to the best practices of most of the industrialized world.

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