Doris B. Haire

Doris Haire is President of the American Foundation for Maternal and Child Health which she founded with her husband John Haire. She is a past Chair of the National Women's Health Network, and a past president of, and current consultant to, the International Childbirth Education Association. In her effort to gain an international perspective of obstetric care she has observed and interviewed professional providers of obstetric care in 72 countries. She continues in her efforts to point out the need for increased research to determine the effects of common obstetric drugs and procedures on maternal and infant outcome and on the neurological development of the child.

She has been involved in deliberations and hearings of regulatory bodies as diverse as the U.S. Food and Drug Science Board, the World Health Organization, the New York State Prenatal/Perinatal Advisory Council and the American Institute for Ultrasound in Medicine. At the invitation of members of Congress, Doris helped plan and testified at three Congressional hearings on obstetric care and brought about the first general accounting office investigation into the FDA's drug regulating practices and the passage of the New York Maternity Information Act.

She is the author of many publications that have had a lasting influence on health professionals and the general public. She is best known for The Cultural Warping of Childbirth (1972) which initiated an explosion of books and articles critical of American obstetric care. Her classic and landmark manual, Implementing Family Centered Maternity Care with a Central Nursery (1968) helped change state and federal regulations which had previously prevented mothers from having rooming-in unless they had a private postpartum room.

Doris' website lists the twelve drugs approved by FDA for use in obstetric care, and the inherent risks acknowledged by their manufacturers. It also includes information regarding patients' rights and the risks regarding the effects of obstetrical medication and procedures on the neurological development of the newborn infant.

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