6/11/13 - National survey finds moms face many physical and emotional challenges after birth; many have concerns about injury from medical errors while in the hospital for birth

5/19/13 -
National survey of new mothers reveals concerns about overuse of maternity care practices and women’s readiness to make informed decisions

3/4/13 -
Women's Health Leaders Laud 'Quality Care for Moms and Babies Act' as Badly Needed Legislation to Improve Maternal and Infant Health in the U.S.

- Maternity Care and Liability: Many Solutions Could Alleviate Persistent Problems

- Better Maternity Care Could Save $5 Billion Annually

12/12/12 - Report Clarifies Consequences of Unnecessary C-section

- National Maternity Care Quality Improvement Group, Childbirth Connection, Endorses the Quality Care For Moms and Babies Act

  - Maternal Health Organizations Announce New Coalition to Improve Quality

- Childbirth Connection Launches New Website for Transforming Maternity Care

2/16/11 - Continuous Labor Support Reduces Risk of Cesarean Section and Other Adverse Outcomes in Women and Newborns

- Landmark Reports for Revamping U.S. Maternity Care System Point to Rapid Gains in Quality and Value That Are Within Reach

- Childbirth Connection Endorses H.R. 3200, Bill Will Dramatically Improve Health of Women and Babies

- Maternity Care, A Major Segment of Health Industry, Must Be Overhauled for Health Care Reform to Succeed

- Study: Many Labor Inductions are Unnecessary: Widespread Use of Induction Potentially Harmful to Woman and Baby

3/31/09 - Childbirth Connection to Present Inaugural Maternity Quality Matters Award to Seton Family of Hospitals

10/8/08 - Report Reveals Serious Problems in Maternity Care Quality and Value

8/5/08 - New Mothers Speak Out Report Paints a Troubling Picture of American Women in Postpartum Period

3/20/06 - New National Survey Results from Mothers Refute Belief the Women are Requesting Cesarean Sections Without Medical Reason

4/14/04 - Cesarean Section Compared to Vaginal Birth Is Associated with Significant Risks for a Woman and Her Baby's Short- and Long-Term Physical and Emotional Health

9/8/03 - Continuous Labor Support Offers Big Benefits to Mothers & Babies, Has No Known Downsides

5/16/02 - Labor Pain Affects 4 Million US Women Annually, Yet Controversy and Incomplete Knowledge about Methods to Relieve it Still Exist

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Childbirth Connection has joined forces with and become a core program of the National Partnership for Women & Families.
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