Maternity Quality Matters
Through its Maternity Quality Matters Initiative, Childbirth Connection works to improve the quality of maternity care by impacting policy. "Policy" includes policies at the federal and state levels, and policies of standard-setting organizations, health plans, employers, hospitals and other entities that influence the provision of maternity care. Here is a summary of major work to date through this newest Childbirth Connection initiative with links for learning more.

Inside Maternity Quality Matters:

Why Maternity Quality Matters

Despite the dedication and hard work of many maternity caregivers, the maternity care system is not set up to reliably deliver the care that is optimal for women and babies. Problems include "overuse," "underuse," and variation in care that is unrelated to needs of mothers and babies. Fortunately, there are unparalleled opportunities to improve the situation.
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Maternity Care Fact Sheet Available

A new fact sheet (12/09) summarizes U.S. maternity care trends and figures from the latest federal reports. The fact sheet updates background information in the 2008 Milbank Report on Evidence-Based Maternity Care.
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Milbank Report: Evidence-Based Maternity Care (2008)

In a new report, senior Childbirth Connection staff members take stock of the U.S. maternity care system and identify opportunities for improvement. Childbirth Connection, the Reforming States Group, and the Milbank Memorial Fund jointly issued the report. A report PDF is available here, and the Milbank Memorial Fund offers complimentary printed copies on request.
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Health Care Reform Priorities for High Quality, High Value Maternity Care

Childbirth Connection has issued its statement outlining steps within health care reform initiatives to high quality, high value maternity care. The statement describes the population involved and the predominant position of maternity care in the U.S. health care system, as well as strategies in nine key areas that would lead to major improvements in maternity care quality and value.
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Transforming Maternity Care Project

Childbirth Connection's multi-year Transforming Maternity Care project has engaged stakeholders from across the health care system in setting the path toward significant maternity care quality improvement. Two direction-setting reports for generating a high-quality, high-value maternity care system are now published: "2020 Vision" and "Blueprint for Action." The Blueprint implementation phase of the project is under way.
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Maternity Quality Matters Award

Childbirth Connection's new Maternity Quality Matters Award honors an entity that has achieved significant quality improvement in care for mothers and newborns. The Seton Family of Hospitals won the inaugural award for its impressive and continuing gains.
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National Quality Forum's Perinatal Care Performance Measure Set

The National Quality Forum has been working with stakeholders from across the health care system to identify and assess perinatal care performance measures and endorse a national standardized measure set to foster maternity care quality improvement. Childbirth Connection's Executive Director Maureen Corry co-chaired the Steering Committee for this project.
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Childbirth Connection has joined forces with and become a core program of the National Partnership for Women & Families.
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