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Blog Articles from 2013

Every Mother Counts :: Childbirth Connection Releases Surveys on US Women's Childbirth Experiences
by Every Mother Counts Staff, June 17

Our Bodies Our Blog :: New Survey on Childbirth Details Experiences, Problems with Hospital-Based Births
by Rachel Walden, June 4

Science & Sensibility :: Do We Need to Turn Up the Volume on Lamaze’s Healthy Birth Practices? What The Listening to Mothers III Survey Tells Us
by Sharon Muza, May 14

Improving Birth :: Listening to Mothers III Survey Reveals Need for Improvements in Information, Communication in U.S. Maternal Health Care
by Cristen Pascucci, May 14

Common Health :: Report: Many Mothers Say They're Pressured To Have Birth Interventions
by Rachel Zimmerman, May 13

Researchscape :: New Moms Trust Maternity Care Providers, Even When Feeling Pressured for Interventions
by Karen Flynn, May 10

Huffington Post :: Models of Effectiveness in Maternity Care: Saving Millions with Midwives and Birth Centers
by Mayri Leslie, March 11 :: Childbirth Expert: Stopping Unnecessary C-sections Could Save $5 Billion
Lori Johnston interview with Maureen Corry, March 4

io9 :: Are Women Having Too Many C-Sections in the United States?
by George Dvorsky, March 1

Science & Sensibility :: Have You Made The Connection with Childbirth Connection? Three Reports You Don't Want To Miss
by Sharon Muza, January 10

Blog Articles from 2012

Prepared Patient :: Comparative Effectiveness Research
Jessie Gruman interview with Maureen Corry, October 24

Babble :: 10 Reasons to Think About Childbirth Now, Before the Ninth Month
by Ceridwen Morris, June 5

Minnesota Birth Center :: April is Cesarean Awareness Month
April 19

ACLU Blog of Rights
:: Your Body, Your Decisions - This Means You, Moms!

By Mie Lewis, March 26

California Center for Health Reporting :: Baby Steps: Hospitals Reducing Early Elective Births. Slowly.
by Lauren Whaley, January 26

Wall Street Journal Health Blog :: Some Progress On Curbing Early Elective Deliveries
by Katherine Hobson, January 25

Blog Articles from 2011

Babble :: Give the Gift of Good Birth
December 15,  by Ceridwen Morris

Babble :: Cost of Childbirth in America - How Does It Impact You?
August 4

Citizens for Midwifery :: GRN: Transforming Maternity Care: Connecting Consumer Activists to the Larger Picture

by Hillary Boucher, August 3

Science & Sensibility
:: The Transforming Maternity Care Toolbox

by Amy Romano, April 19

Science & Sensibility :: The Maternal Quality Landscape – A Primer in Three Parts
by Christine Morton, April 15

The Health Care Blog
:: Health 2.0 Spring Fling Updates

March 2

The Wall Street Journal Health Blog :: Educating Mothers About the Risks of Early Deliveries
by Laura Landro, March 1

Birthing Beautiful Ideas :: Why Might Doulas Make a Difference?
February 25

Midwife Thinking's Blog :: VBAC: Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill
February 23

Science & Sensibility
:: Lamaze Healthy Birth Practice #3: Bring a Loved One, Friend, or Doula for Continuous Support

by Jackie Levine, February 22

Health Tap Blog :: Childbirth Connection Challenges Developers to Visualize Maternity Care Data

February 15

eHow :: How to Calculate Costs of Maternity Care
by Edriaan Koening, February 14

Science & Sensibility
:: Data: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

by Amy Romano, February 2

Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Blog
:: Exposing Variation in Maternity Care Quality, Health Outcomes, and Value: A Data Visualization Challenge

by Emily Ebert, January 29

& Sensibility :: “Except When Medically Necessary” : Making informed choices about induction of labor

by Amy Romano, January 27

Made for Mums :: Hospitals in USA Delivering Babies Early for No Medical Reason
by Devona Anidi, January 27

Birthing Beautiful Ideas
:: New Data and Resources on Early Elective Birth

January 26

The Unnecesarean :: Article Round-up: Early Inductions,Practice Variation and Baby-Snatching
by Jill Arnold, January 26

Our Bodies Our Blog :: Leapfrog Group Releases Data on Early Elective Births
by Rachel Walden, January 26

The Wall Street Journal Health Blog :: Too Many Babies Being Delivered Early for No Good Reason: Report
by Katherine Hobson, January 26

RH Reality Check :: Early Inductions Lead to Higher Neonatal Risks
by Amy Newman, January 26

Being Pregnant :: New Study Shows: Too Many Babies Born Too Early On Purpose!
January 26

Postpartum Progress :: Mom Recounts How Childbirth Trauma Led Her to Postpartum PTSD
by Katherine Stone, January 11

Her Circle Ezine :: Randi Hutter Epstein, M. D., On Birth Trends and Procedures
by Shana Thornton, January 1

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