Do you provide services to women who are planning pregnancy, are pregnant or are new mothers?  If so, the For Women area of this site has many resources to help the women you work with become active participants in their care and make informed decisions. The material is based on better-quality research and is kept up to date. It goes into a level of detail that is generally not possible during prenatal visits and childbirth education classes. The For Women area offers a trustworthy alternative to the incomplete and inaccurate information that women may receive from books and websites and their friends and relatives.

Below is a brief summary of many of Childbirth Connection's online resources for childbearing women. Please check back, as many additional resources will be added in the coming months and years, and existing material will be updated. And please let us know about other topics and resources that you would like to see available for childbearing women.

Understanding & Navigating the Maternity Care System

Understanding & Navigating the Maternity Care System provides the basic information women need to make sense of our maternity care system and learn how to navigate it to achieve a healthy and safe birth.

Pregnancy Topics

Our Pregnancy Topics provide in-depth coverage of key issues, including an overview, options, best evidence, and tips & tools.  Currently, the following topics are available:

Stages of Pregnancy

Stages of Pregnancy provide in-depth coverage of 6 time periods: planning pregnancy, each of the 3 trimesters, giving birth, and postpartum. These sections cover physical and emotional changes, lifestyle and self-care, health care, relationships and finances, and more.  Currently, the following stage is available (and others will follow later this year): Planning Pregnancy.

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Your Growing Body and Baby: Pictures

The For Women area also includes a series of cutaway anatomical drawings of prenatal development from  a non-pregnant state through various gestational ages, ending in full-term pregnancy.

Go to Your Growing Body and Baby: Pictures your growing body and baby pictures

Listening to Mothers

Results of the the first national U.S. Listening to Mothers survey are also available for women. Now available are the results of Listening to Mothers II , a survey of women who gave birth in the U.S. in 2005.  And later in 2007, we will release results of a follow-up survey with the same mothers to explore postpartum issues in greater detail.

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Journey to Parenthood

A concise overview of experiences and guidance from before pregnancy through the postpartum period. With illustrations, tips, and resources for learning more, making informed decisions and planning. Journey is available as a web section without charge and as a printed booklet for purchase. Both versions are excellent resources for newly pregnant women or women planning pregnancies. The third edition (2007) is now available.

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The Rights of Childbearing Women

Childbirth Connection's highly acclaimed The Rights of Childbearing Women is available in the For Women area.

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Best Pregnancy Resources A-Z

Childbirth Connection has topically organized pages of carefully selected Recommended Resources, and will continue to develop existing pages and create new ones. All of our Pregnancy Topics and the pages within our Stages of Pregnancy sections have companion resource pages for learning more, making decisions, and taking action.

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Recommended Pregnancy Books

We also direct women to highly recommended books, exemplary titles among the hundreds that are available on maternal and newborn topics.

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Recommended Pregnancy Videos

Our video library features links to a wealth of video resources for health professionals as well as for women who are planning pregnancy, are pregnant or are new mothers.

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Most of the Pregnancy Resources for Women are unique, exceptional, and unavailable anywhere else. Please encourage women to visit and use these resources to learn about and take responsibility for this exciting and important phase in their life.

Most recent page update: 11/21/2011

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Childbirth Connection has joined forces with and become a core program of the National Partnership for Women & Families.
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